In the year 1977, Mike Stewart (along with a former business partner) began a janitorial service in the northern Columbus, Ohio area. Little did he know that this would lay the groundwork for what would later become Stewcare.

The snowy winter of 1977 brought upon opportunity, so they were inspired to purchase a Willy’s pickup truck and a manually-angled snow plow to begin shoveling sidewalks and clearing parking lots. Fortunately, this invested commitment geared them up to tackle the great blizzard of 1978. With the money earned from the record-breaking snowfall, they were enabled to grow their business with the purchase of two more trucks. Mike knew that spring was around the corner and proposed the idea to expand the company by offering lawn mowing services. So he placed a mower on their Sears tractor, along with a Yazoo mower they had purchased, and began mowing lawns. Their first lawn care client was an apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio.  It included 848 dwellings and 53 buildings, making it the third largest complex in Columbus at the time.

In the summer of 1978, Grasshopper (a family owned rotary mower company) approached Mike with a machine manufactured in Kansas that would guarantee his company no down time on the job. Impressed by a thorough testing, they sold the Yazoo and bought two new Grasshopper mowers. To this day Grasshopper machines have proved their worth and remain the exclusive mower of Stewcare.

During 1980 Mike purchased three acres of land to create the company’s first shop and office that eventually became operational the following year. In the spring of 1982, Mike bought out his original business partner and Stewcare was officially formed. Stewcare began growing rapidly throughout the 80’s and early 90’s, acquiring various major relationships along the way, contracts made with Honda of Marysville and NP Limited just to name a few. Progressing throughout the years, Stewcare provided professional residential and commercial services, which included universities, schools, townships, cemeteries, athletic fields and churches. In the mid 90’s, Stewcare opened its second shop at the same location, which is now currently its main office.

The mid 90’s also brought upon new growth and development for Stewcare. Mike’s son (Mike Jr.) joined the company as a full-time employee, becoming the Director of Operations. With father and son working hand in hand, Stewcare flourished with the core family beliefs that it was built on. As the turn of the century approached, Mike Sr. eventually became the CEO of the company and Mike Jr. the President.

Today Stewcare is entering its 30+ years of operation and professionally serves over 100 clients in the Delaware County. Depending on the season, Stewcare employs up to 10 skilled workers, creating up to four separate crews. We are enabled to provide major services such as the three cemeteries and 35 athletic fields we currently provide for.  Stewcare remains a family owned and operated business and will continue to proudly serve the Delaware County community.